Sunday, August 26, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Widow's Bite

Marvel's Super Hero Squad TCG's new expansion, Hero's Destiny, was chock full of brand new cards and 1LR continues to bring the best of them to you!
Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Widow's Bite

Widow's Bite is a level five blue card with a green block. It features Black Widow and can do up to five damage. It has a chance of being completely unblockable by guessing the factor on top of your opponent's deck. There is no team affiliation with this card.

This card is very similar to the Human Torch's "Some Like It Hot." That card has the same power level, is unblockable, but only does three damage. Does the extra two damage justify the "Choose a factor," condition?

In my opinion, yes.

If it was a pure guessing game and you had no information about your opponent's deck, it would be a one in six (17%) chance that this card is unblockable. While not a sure-thing, that's not bad. If you guess incorrectly, this card will still be able to do five damage, it will just be stoppable.

But chances are you won't be choosing a factor blindly. Many decks lean on one or two factors more heavily than the others, thus dramatically increasing your odds of choosing the correct factor.

But why guess at all? This would be a great card to hold until you have seen the top card of your opponent's deck. There are plenty of cards such as Ace of Hearts and Inferno Missile that cause your opponent to reveal the card himself.

So Widow's Bite is a great because it's cheap and unblockable. And remember, 5 damage is 1/8 of your opponent's entire deck!

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