Thursday, August 9, 2012

2012 Summer Comic Book Movie Review

So, the books have closed on this summer's comic book movies. We had Men in Black 3, The Avengers, Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight. So how do they rank? Well, #1 is, of course, a no brainer. I think EVERYONE will agree that not only was The Avengers the highest grossing of the four but it is clearly the superior film as well. So...
Summer, '12 - the Superheroes rule yet again

1) The Avengers - Duh. Nuff' Said. 1LR REVIEW - 17 out of 20! It's a Solid Hit!

2) The Dark Knight - It's a fairly large step down from the Avengers but still a great film. What a great ending to the trilogy... it really left the fans wanting more (which is awesome and sucks at the same time). Did Bruce Wayne die? 1LR says... no. Clearly, the sequence where Alfred sees him is not a dream. 1LR REVIEW - 15 out of 20! It's a Hit!

3) Men in Black 3 - The best of the trilogy, 1LR loved Griffin, the man who can see all potential futures and the fact that this movie actually had a heart and character development. Plus, we're suckers for time travel. But it lost some points because we hate time travel with logic errors. 1LR REVIEW - 14 out of 20! It's a Hit!

4) The Amazing Spider-Man - Coming in at last place, The Amazing Spider-Man. Not that this is a bad film! It just never escapes the gravity of the previous trilogy. We loved seeing a more "realistic" take on Spider-Man and hope the sequel will more fully explore the mystery of Spidey's parents. 1LR REVIEW - 13 out of 20! It's a Glancing Hit!

So, as you can see, there really are no losers on this list. What a great summer to be a comic book fan at the box office!

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