Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Kingstone Comics

The Book of God
Art Ayris is the executive pastor of a Baptist megachurch in Florida. This guy is a major player (he once purchased a hotel and turned it into a place to help homeless families call Samaritan Inn) and he's turned his attention to comic books.

Echoes of Eden
I think it is great that he's used comics as a medium to tackle some serious issues. Kingstone Comics, Ayris's comic book company, produces some informational comics that answer common questions people have. Books such as the Book of God explain how we got the Bible we have today. 101 Questions About the Bible and Christianity (there are two volumes) tackle everything from where Cain got his wife from to answering if the Bible mentions UFO's.

Kingstone Comics also publishes fiction comics as well, but from a Christian worldview. The title 2048 explores a sci-fi future where human-animal hybrids exist. Babylon greatly expands and explores the story of Daniel, who was an adviser to four kings. And Echoes of Eden is a murder mystery involving human trafficking in Asia.

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