Friday, August 24, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Right X-Man for the Job

1LR continues to bring you the best new cards from the Hero's Destiny expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG!
Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Right X-Man for the Job

Right X-Man for the Job is a green X-Men card featuring Cyclops. It has a purple block, is level six and does up to four damage. If you do three damage, it allows you to reveal the top three cards of your deck, put an X-Men card into your hand and then put the rest on the bottom of your deck in random order.

This is an interesting card and the primary draw is the card's special effect. By revealing the top three cards and drawing one, it allows you to effectively sift through your deck looking for the cards you need. It could be a certain block to stop your opponent, a essential keeper, or a certain attack. This mining is a powerful ability.

I would certainly only use this card in an all-X-Men deck to maximize my chances of getting cards I can put in my hand.

The language on the card is interesting. It says to "Put an X card from among them inot your hand." It DOESN'T say the word DRAW. To keen players of TCGs this distinction is a huge one. Would this card trigger the effect of E=Mr. Fantastic Squared (which is a keeper that hits for damage every time you draw a card). I would say in the strictest sense the answer is "NO," because you don't "draw" a card you "put" a card. Drawing is an action from the top of the deck, not from revealed cards.

For comparison, Rogue's Gallery is a very similar card. It has you draw two cards and then discard a card. This is a drawing action (actually, two drawing actions). It's a small difference but crucial for players to understand.

At the end of the day, I'm not sure that Right X-Man for the Job is a great card. It only does four damage, which a straight damage level two card can do so that means the card's ability costs four power. You also have to do three damage to trigger the ability - a feat that's twice as hard as only having to do two damage. And then you have to put the cards on the bottom of the deck in "random order." The card doesn't even let you decide what order to put the cards in! For just one more power you can draw two cards and keep them both with Mr. Fantastic's "Fantastic Idea" and that card triggers after two damage.

So while Right X-Man for the Job might find its place in some decks and could come in very handy at times, ultimately I think it might be just a little too costly for the benefits you get from it.

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