Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Geek Gear: Watchmen Rorschach Toaster

Rorschach Toaster
Hurm. Are you seeing things in your food? Perhaps Mary or Jesus? Well, you can now see anything your twisted psyche can project onto random black blobs thanks to this Watchmen toaster! As you can see, it prints a blob on your toast, just like a Rorschach Test that inspired the character design for Rorschach!

As cool as this toaster is, it would be even cooler still if it made a DIFFERENT blob every time you made toast instead of the same shape over and over again.

The Watchmen Splotch
The Dynamic Forces solicitation in Previews states that this is the first in a line of collector toasters. SERIOUSLY? Who out there is looking to collect toasters? Sure, I understand picking one up just to give yourself a giggle every morning but to collect an entire line of them? Insanity!

The ad smartly advises that you might want to eat your toast with a cold can of beans just like Rorschach does. I personally would say that you should put a single splotch of red jelly in the corner. See if you can get the shape just right.

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