Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Come And Get Me

1LR is introducing some of the all-new cards now available through the Hero's Destiny expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG.

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny
Come And Get Me
Come And Get Me is a green Spider-Woman card in the Spider-Man "team." It has a level of 2 and can do up to 2 damage. At 2 damage, it becomes a keeper that strikes for 2 when your opponent doesn't attack on his turn. It has an orange blocking icon.

This card could have an important role to play in some concept decks. There are a number of cards and effects that are designed to prevent your opponent from attacking. Power-control decks use card abilities and keepers to keep the power artificially low in the game. Since you've build your deck knowing the power is going to be low and your opponent did not, he is often unable to play an attack on his turn because all of the cards in his hand are of higher level than the current power.

Often, a player will pass not because they can attack but because they want to build their hand size and save blocks. This card makes that option much less attractive, forcing your opponent to play cards with blocks they want to keep or to play cards when they're booster condition isn't met.

The fact that this card is a level 2 is amazing. To be able to do 2 damage means that it harder to misfire than a keeper that does one damage. Keeper cards that do 2 damage every turn are typically level 7.

As with most keepers, this effect is magnified when multiple keepers are in play simultaneously. So if you had two of these in play, your opponent would be looking at 4 damage just for not attacking!

So is this card a game breaker? No. I wouldn't look for this card to do massive damage to your opponent. But I would play it to control my opponent's behavior.

Combined with Arachnid Ambush (which we'll discuss tomorrow), Come And Get Me starts to take its place in a larger, power control Spider-Man team deck.

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