Friday, August 17, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad: Hidden Power Source Loot Card

1LR is introducing some of the all-new cards now available in the Hero's Destiny expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG.

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny Loot Card:
Black Panther's Hidden Power Source
Let's start with the biggest daddy of them all: The loot card. There's only one in a box. The one I got in my box is Black Panther's Hidden Power Source. I found it on the left hand size of the box, five packs from the bottom. I wonder where other loot cards have been found?

As you can see, this card is a super rare purple card with a red block. It's level 5 and can do up to 7 damage. It's an Avengers card. There is only one other card in the game that is a level 5 purple card that does 7 damage - Psyloche's X-Men card, Focused Totality, but that card is a tech block so Hidden Power Source is unique unto itself.

As a straight damage card, this card is certainly versatile. I could see it working very well in Avengers decks. As a Black Panther card I could certainly see it filling a void but perhaps with limited usability. Sure, Black Panther picked up another purple-grey card with Lay Down the Law in this set but generally Black Panther cards are red or grey and frequently combined with Storm's blue or orange cards. So being purple would make it stand out a bit.

Having a red block is its more valuable asset and I could see it being included in a Storm/Black Panther deck for that reason alone. The only other Black Panther cards with a red blocking icon are Ta Da! and Lay Down the Law.

A Power Surge in action.
As far as the "loot," you get a pack of 50 Power Surges (not sure why "power" isn't capitalized in the name on the card - probably an error). This is a unique item, like the Winter Globe from the Foundation set. It's effect is quite large and impressive. It expresses differently than what is pictured on the card but that's fine (the card actually looks more like a Plasma Orb).

While this card won't revolutionize anyone's deck, it could fill in a blocking gap for some decks. It's a shame they'll be so hard to come by.

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