Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Right Back at Ya!

1LR is introducing some of the all-new cards now available in the Hero's Destiny expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG.

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny:
Right Back at Ya!
We'll continue highlighting some of the excellent purple cards in this set. Right Back at Ya! is a Ms. Marvel Avengers can with a level of two. The damage potential is variable - double the amount of damage you took last turn. This card has a red block.

This card has amazing potential. This card's best may be as cheap retaliation. Power level four cards do a straight six damage so this card easily has the potential of a level eight card that would do twelve damage.

This is the type of card that, once your opponent learns you have it, it will force them to hold a purple block as a deterrent.

Under normal circumstances I wouldn't say that this card is a game-breaker. It is only a single color so it is quite easily blocked both by cards in the hand and in the deck.

I could see this card being another one that has great synergy with The Critical Phase. It has potential to be a have-to-block card which would clear purple blocks out of your opponent's hand, paving the way for The Critical Phase. Or, it could be played as the follow-up to The Critical Phase. Since both cards are purple, you'd know that your opponent would have already used his purple block on The Critical Phase, leaving him wide open for this card (which would then be unblockable).

On the completely unrealistic side, the card actually has the potential to do more damage than you're allowed to have cards in a deck. A deck is 40 cards. If your opponent played Eternal Might and did the maximum damage of 22, your retaliation the next round with Right Back at Ya! would have a damage potential of 44! Now, I can't possibly imagine a scenario in which this would actually occur, but I can routinely see players following up the round after they take 6 to 12 damage with this card, sending a threat of 12 to 24 damage back at their opponent!

And the really sick part is that it would only be a level 4 card!

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