Sunday, August 19, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG: Sweet Dreams

1LR is introducing some of the all-new cards now available in the Hero's Destiny expansion to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG.

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG
Hero's Destiny
Sweet Dreams
Once again, I'm bringing to you a purple card. This is one I mentioned yesterday, Sweet Dreams. It's a level 9 Psylocke X-Men card that does 3 damage. If you do two damage, you opponent discards three cards from their hand. THREE! It is an uncommon card.

This is another great entry for fans of discard decks. Eliminating your opponent's hand is a great strategy in the MSHS TCG and this card is a must-block if your opponent plays it against you.

Now, some might look at this card and wonder why they'd use it when the seemingly more powerful Erase Your Destiny is only one level higher, causes your opponent to discard ALL of the cards in their hand, and does three more damage. Well, I like this card and here's why:

First, at this stage in the game, most of the time your opponent will have a hand of three cards or less so the effect is remarkably similar to Erase Your Destiny.

Next, Erase Your Destiny's effect triggers when three damage has been done, but Sweet Dreams only needs to do two damage. This is a HUGE difference - When you have to do three damage you're literally doubling the chances your card will be blocked before the effect is triggered.

Additionally, Sweet Dreams is a purple X-Men card, making it combo well with Brain Drain and Sudden Amnesia, two more purple X-Men cards with a discard effect. Combo that with The Critical Phase, another purple X-Men card that I discussed yesterday and you're almost certain to win the game.

Finally, as I mentioned, Sweet Dreams is a must-block card, meaning even if it is blocked that just means you'll be clear to follow up with Erase Your Destiny when the power reaches 10.

I wouldn't be concerned with the low damage. I would follow up with big damage and/or big effect cards once my opponent has no cards in their hand and can no longer defend themselves by blocking from the hand.

Another great card from Hero's Destiny!

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