Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Ticket to Ride Rules Summary

I love Ticket to Ride. I own every edition and every expansion. It's one of the best gaming series ever created and never seems to get old. But in speaking with Brett the other day at Comic Store West I expressed my frustration at the rules variations of each version of TTR. In one version you draw three destination tickets, in the other four. In one version you can only draw a single locomotive, in another you can draw the locomotive and another card. All in all there are about a dozen or so of these core rules that vary slightly from version to version. The rules differences are so slight that I have a hard time keeping track of which rules go with which version of the game. Even though I've played literally hundreds of games of TTR I find myself looking in the rules every time I start a new game so I can make sure I have have the rules completely right. No more, thanks to this handy rules cheat sheet.

It's not for newbies but for old pros like me that just want a quick reference on the rules of a particular version it is perfect. I'm printing off, like, eight of these bad boys and sticking one into every edition of TTR I own! SWEET! I hope they update it for the new map packs soon!

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