Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gaming Notes: Scotland Yard

At the last Dude Night, I broke out the classic Spiel des Jahres Award winning game from the '80's - Scotland Yard.

Being the only one who had previous experience playing the game, I, of course, was Mr. X. The other players all played the detectives that cooperatively were trying to capture me as I secretly moved around the board.

I've got to say that I wasn't thrilled with my initial starting position. I was kind of landlocked in the middle of the board with no quick transportation nearby. I decided to make my way to the upper left hand quadrant.

When I revealed myself the first time I was quickly surrounded. Within two moves I had two detectives immediately on either side of me. A third detective could have moved directly onto my position, ending the game. I lucked out and he went the other way. Whew! I decided to play the same game of taxi-taxi-taxi and I evaded their grasp.

When next I appeared, I quickly used to black tickets from a river route station, throwing them into disarray. They scattered to the four winds trying to cover all possible avenues of escape. I easily eluded them as they ran short on resources. 

For me, it was a happy ending that law enforcement was befuddled and the infamous criminal Mr. X escaped to play the game of cat and mouse again another day!

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