Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Gaming Notes: AD&D 1e (OSRIC) #2

I apologize - it's been a LONG time since I've posted an update from Advanced Dungeons and Dragons (First Edition - we're playing under the OSRIC rules).

When last we left our adventuring party, they were deep underground having climbed down a well to discover the cause of mysterious disappearances in town.

We continued on and encountered a weird little creature called an osquip. How odd. And dead. We continued on.
O is for Osquip
At the end of the passageway we discovered the partially eaten remains of a few townsfolk. Before we could thoroughly investigate, two red glowing eyes greeted us in the darkness. What can only be described as an "Evil Weasel" can charging out at us. We defeated it and took it's carcass as well as the remains of the deceased back up to the town with us.

We were rewarded by the town and the sheriff and greeted as heroes by all. 

Using this upswing in reputation with the town, I took to looking for a hireling to act as a torch bearer and pack mule. I ended up finding a kid by the name of Pillman. He seemed stout (he's a first level fighter) and of good nature. I paid him 24 silver a month plus expenses. 
Our celebrations were cut short because the news had reached us that Harold the Hedge Mage had gone missing and his place was ransacked. We set off at once to investigate since the evidence didn't fit the other disappearances and we hadn't found Harold's remains.

What will our intrepid adventurers find? 

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