Monday, March 12, 2012

Marvel Media Mania: Hulk VS Wolverine

Wolverin VS Hulk is one disc from the 2009 direct-to-dvd animated movie "Hulk VS" pack, the other being Hulk VS Thor.
Hulk VS Wolverine is a treat for both Wolverine fans and Hulk fans alike. Heck, it's even a treat for Deadpool fans. In this film you see a truly unleashed Wolverine and Hulk in no-holds barred combat with one another and with others as well. The Hulk brutally smashes Wolverine into the ground, pounding him even after he's down. Wolverine sinks his claws into the Hulk's back and chest to very bloody effect (red blood!). This isn't a "saturday morning" cartoon! I'd say it's more graphic than any cartoon or movie representation of Wolverine or the Hulk to date! At one point Deadpool's arm is sliced into chunks by Wolverine's claws and he (hysterically) tries to reassemble it correctly while squirting out blood.

Beyond simply being brutal and bloody, the action sequences are incredibly well produced. The animation is great. The camera movements and framing are done brilliantly to make the viewer feel involved in the action. The action is fast paced and visually interesting to watch. This movie earns tons of style points as well. I particularly liked the combat Wolverine has with the hired goons in the dark. Very well done!

Any fan of the original comics will love this movie. Some of the sequences are ripped straight from the comics in action and design. At one point a wolf drinks from the stream next to Wolverine, recreating a classic comic book cover. At another time we see the Hulk reflected in Wolvie's claws, paying homage to another famous comic book cover. The "Weapon X" segment of Wolverine's past is straight from the comics. They even sneak a cameo in by a baby X-23.

While all of the characters including Omega Red, Sabertooth, and Lady Deathstrike are represented perfectly it is perhaps Deadpool that is the most well done. Truly, he steals the show. Quite a few of his lines are inappropriate in a very funny way. He tells Wolverine that Omega Red is a bed wetter and ashamed of it. He greets Wolverine by saying, "Logan! Buddy! I shot you!"

Even though this DVD is called, "Hulk VS" this is really Wolverine's story. He's the main character and the story is told from his point of view. Still, there's plenty of Hulk action to satisfy any fans. As for who wins... it's never really resolved in a meaningful way. The movie ends with the two still locked in mortal combat (and loving it!).

1LR Rating - 20 out of 20! It's a Critical Hit!

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