Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gaming Notes: Three Dragon Ante

Three Dragon Ante is a Dungeons and Dragons related card game that you can play either as characters or as real people. Recently, my wife and I played as real people.
The game is well designed (surprisingly) and features a very balanced gameplay. I particularly like that there is an advantage to playing high and an advantage to playing low. It really makes you consider your resource allocation as you play.

Well, my wife was soundly trouncing me. She was keeping her hand size large and using colored flights to really pound me with gold piece deductions. In fact, I almost gave up until I had an absolutely massive round in which I won a pot of 24 gp and tagged her for a 10 gp penalty as well! In a game with only 100 gp that's a hefty sum!

From there, I managed to put together some colored and strength flights myself (it's surprisingly difficult to do but it really makes a huge difference!). I slowly wore her down until she had only one gp left... a gp that I took with a large red dragon and won the game. Victory is sweet but a come from behind victory is sweeter!


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