Sunday, March 25, 2012

Where's My Legend of Zelda RPG?

The Legend of Zelda is simply one of the greatest video games ever created. Since its debut in 1986 is has inspired many video game sequels, books, comic books, cartoons and merchandise (it even had a cereal!). There is a vast and dedicated fan base for all things Zelda. So where's my Zelda RPG?

This game could write itself! Hyrule (The Zelda world) is very unique and has been explored in detail through the various Zelda video games. Races, locations, magical object, world mechanics, even historical timelines are well established and ready to go for an RPG.

The demand for a Zelda RPG is so great there are multiple fan sites that have created independent versions of a Zelda RPG such as

So if the world has been given a Zelda cereal why are we still waiting for the RPG?


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