Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dominion Card Sleeves

So you know I've been playing a LOT of Dominion lately. I just got the game for Christmas and I've played it over 50 times! One of the game functions is to purchase cards that you're adding to your deck. This causes you to shuffle your deck many times in a single game, resulting in quick card wear.

My solution was to purchase some card sleeves. I got 500 Max Protection clear board game sleeves (size 93mm x 62mm) from Comic Store West.
These puppies fit like a glove! I've dealt with a lot of card sleeves that split down the seam or have irregular cuts (sometimes cut larger or smaller than the specs) but every one of these was high quality. I was also worried that they'd be too thick or too slippery but they weren't either of those things! I was really impressed, especially for the price! I got all 500 for less than $10! To me, that's a no-brainer investment to protect my precious Dominion! 

Thanks for the hook-up, Comic Store West!

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