Sunday, March 11, 2012

A Rainbow of Fruit Flavored Lightsabers

Alright, I was one of those Star Wars fans. I hated Mace Windu's violet lightsaber. I've since made peace with the *shudder* purple lightsaber, but I couldn't help but notice two lightsabers from the Clone Wars CGI television show.

The first was a WHITE or SILVER lightsaber. Tera Sinube is the Jedi that carries this lightsaber. He actually has the handle of it concealed inside his walking cane. Very awesome lightsaber.

The second was a BLACK lightsaber. Pre Vizsla wields the black lightsaber. Apparently, this lightsaber is a Jedi/Sith artifact that was stolen from the Jedi Temple. Pre Vizsla isn't a Jedi or Sith - he's the head of the Mandalorian "Death Watch" terrorist group. This lightsaber is actually not round - it has an edge like a blade. Very cool looking lightsaber.

So, see - once you accept purple and yellow lightsabers, the sky is the limit. In fact, I check it out on ( and there are literally DOZENS of lightsaber colors from bronze to pink (yes, pink) to rainbow to brown. I'm fairly certain that you could collect enough different colored lightsabers to match every crayon in a 64 count Crayola crayon box.

Is this sacrilegious? Ridiculous? Silly? Unnecessary? Perhaps. But I have to tell myself it is not worth getting upset over it. A cool character is going to be cool no matter what color lightsaber you put in his hand. Except pink.


  1. actually the only reason most lightsaber are blue green is beacause at the time of the clone wars must jedi wnet to lum to collect crystal which most offten only has those colours mace goes to the far reaches of space rim to collect his on hurlican not exact speeling

  2. corron horn a major figuer in the extended universe carries a silver too
    anikain solo purple
    yes lum was the reason for colour formality

    1. I'm okay with off-colors but when they go into RAINBOW and PINK and LAVA I think they've gone a little too far.

      Thanks for the info, though!