Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gaming Notes: Dominion #2

Dominion or DOMINATION? Both, in this case. My poor wife who I was playing against 1-on-1. For you folks who know a thing or two about Dominion, the card setup included the Witch and Throne Room. I saw the potentially lethal combo and went after it with a few villages thrown in for good measure. What resulted was total annihilation.

At the end, my wife had FOUR points to my thirty-five. Why? Because she had 26 curse cards for a total of NEGATIVE twenty six points! There were quite a few hands where she drew only curses and victory point cards so she just tossed her whole hand away and said, "pass." She did manage to get rid of some of the curses by the end of the game by using the Chapel... at one point, she had ALL of the curses in her deck at the same time!

Here's my wife's negative points:

Why does she play games with me?

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