Sunday, March 18, 2012

Darth Burger

We had Dark Side M&Ms... but what about the main meal? Well, the fast-food chain Quick is selling a Darth Vader burger on a black bun as well as a Jedi burger.

As you can see, there's also a Darth Maul burger! 

So let's go drive to our nearest Quick and get one!

Wait... Quick is in EUROPE? Why in the world are these burgers only available in EUROPE? Hardee's or Burger King could have made a mint off of these things! 

Ah, who cares. I think they really blew it anyway. The Jedi burger should have a green bun if they're going to use Yoda. And how about those little sword picks that are used for holding burgers together? They should have made a bunch of those as lightsabers. And Darth Vader doesn't even APPEAR in Episode I! There should be a JarJar burger that you hate, an Anakin burger that is so small it's gone really fast (get it?), or a Queen Padme Amidala burger that can be disguised and simply called by its first name, Padme (which, of course, makes the disguise a good one if you don't change your name).

Oh well. Let the Europeans have them. After all, the "Food Police" here in America would never let it be any good anyway. They'd want to take all the fat, sodium, carbs, and calories out of it, label it as dangerous, and then tax it. Imperial Food Police... Heh...

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