Friday, March 16, 2012

Did JarJar Kill Pinball?

Pinball is, for all intents and purposes, a dead industry. Why? The movie Tilt has the answers.
Williams was the world's leading pinball manufacturer with a 80% market share. They bet the house on a last ditch effort to make pinball profitable - Pinball 2000. I remember those machines. The first was Attack From Mars. It was a financial success although I myself didn't enjoy playing it very much.

Then Williams bet the house on a Pinball 2000 for Star Wars Episode I. There were several problems with the launch including a late release after the film left theaters. But in the movie Tilt, developers pointed to one factor that annoyed players - too much JarJar.
Ultimately, Williams had to shut down their pinball division, thus essentially killing pinball. So the message I'm walking away with is that JarJar is so bad that he singlehandedly destroyed a classic arcade staple. Thanks, JarJar.

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