Friday, March 9, 2012

Gaming Notes: Primordial Soup

Primordial Soup is a great game that I got to play recently with the gentlemen from Keystone Gaming Society.

We played a four player game so the competition for resources was fierce.

My strategy was first to become mobile then to turn aggressive. I first purchased the ability for my amoebas to move, then upgraded so I didn't have to pay for movement and then allowed myself to move twice. This pretty much ensured I would avoid starvation.

Meanwhile, my competitors were thriving through various other means. I was particularly impressed with Bryan's use of tendril to help himself and do damage to his opponents. I decided to up my game and get Struggle for Survival.

After a few quick kills, I realized that I was my own worst enemy in the game - by killing off the competition, I was creating lots and lots of food stuffs, thus making it harder for me to meet the "starvation" requirement before attacking an opponent. I decided to upgrade to Movement II but it didn't help as much as I needed.

Ultimately, a few low radiation counts caused me to have to ditch some of my gene cards and this cost me the game. Dave came through in the end, primarily because his defensive cards caused the aggressive players to seek easier prey.

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