Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Marvel Media Mania: Iron Man (2007)

Iron Man is a live-action movie, released into theaters in 2007, starring the brilliantly cast Robert Downing, Jr.
If you haven't seen Iron Man yet, what are you waiting for? DO IT NOW. This movie, simply put, is nearly flawless. It is the pinnacle of not only superhero movies but all comic book movies.

What this movie does is it causes you to like Tony Stark (both before and after he "reforms") just as much as Iron Man, the suit. That's quite a feat since there is very little to like about the selfish, womanizing Stark. Stark comes across as intelligent, witty, funny, handsome, and carefree. As the saying goes, men want to be like him and women want him. I think part of the attraction to Stark's character is wish fulfilment- we all want to be billioinaires who can do whatever we want. We don't even seen any version of the Iron Man armor for about half the film. And who cares when you're having so much fun watching Stark?

This movie brings the superhero down to a gritty reality. This movie updates Iron Man's origin from Asia to Afghanistan, bringing with it the violent reality of today's war. When Iron Man is created it isn't "flash, bang, boom! We have our armor now off to the action!" It's a long, detailed process. Seeing Stark hammer out that first suit in the caves is inspirational like the Rocky theme song. Watching Stark perfect the Mark II and Mark III versions of the armor is just plain fun and amusing at times (his banter with his robotic aides is hilarious).

The armors themeselves are extremely well designed from a visual and practial standpoint. It brings the fantasy of the Iron Man armor and makes it believeable. The visual is certainly inspired by the comics but not beholden to any one specific version. I like the "inside the helmet" view which allows the audience to see Tony's expressions and gives information in the digital readouts (which is borrowed from the comics).

All in all, I can't say enough good things about this film. EVERYTHING works in it from the special effects, Iron Man gadgets, emotional character moments, character development, plot twists, and supporting cast.

This is 1LR's first perfect review!

1LR Review - 20 out of 20! It's a Critical Hit!

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