Friday, March 2, 2012

Gaming Notes: Robo Rally

The last time I played Robo Rally was ten years ago. At the last Dude Night get together, I had the chance to sit down to play another game.
The game had eight players - four teams of two in the capture-the-flag format. Sam and I were partners, much to his chagrin. We quickly devised a strategy that proved to be our undoing. While all of the other teams jointly went after a single flag together, Sam and I went our separate ways, leading to my bot being tag teamed by Michael and Jarred on an opposing team. Down to a mere three health, my pathetic bot refused to shut down to heal and instead miraculously made his way to a wrench square to heal up.

Ultimately, it didn't do much good because once Jarred and Michael reached our base there was no stopping them. They quickly waltzed back to their home base and won the game. Props goes to to Kevin, however, for managing to remain unscathed the entire time while it was a bloodbath for everyone else.

I can't say Robo Rally is my favorite game. The core mechanic is similar to Wings of War or Great Space Race but in those games is seems you have more control when things don't go as planned. In Robo Rally, once one little thing happens that you didn't anticipate, it's likely lights out for you.

Still, it was a good game and it's a classic that's nice to break out every once in a while.

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