Friday, March 30, 2012

"Mr. Men and Little Miss" Books Return

I LOVED Mr. Men and Little Miss books when I was a kid. I mean LOVE. And when I say kid, I mean "up to about 13 years old." Yes, these books were written for your average six year old. To me, it was a challenge to try to collect them all like comic books! I was fascinated by the character's distinct personalities interacted with one another. I loved how the characters all existed in their own universe and appeared in one another's books. I dissected the storylines for inconsistencies. So, yes, it's fair to say I loved them. I STILL love them. I even have the Mr. Men and Little Miss Dictionary! I'm not ashamed!
So I was greatly delighted to see that Vizkids is utting out two 80 page books - Little Miss Sunshine: Here Comes the Sun and Mr. Bump: Lights, Camera, Bump!.
Thank you, Viz Media! Can a major motion picture be far behind?

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