Monday, March 26, 2012

Gaming Notes: AD&D 1e (OSRIC) #4

The party is on it's way to the Keep of Guard. The keep overlooks the much feared Caves of Chaos where enemies of law and goodness are aligning to open a portal into a realm of chaos using the Staff of La.
On the road to the keep, we encountered some humongous black widow spiders! We harmed them enough that they retreated back into the safety of the trees. We did manage to free a corpse from their webs. It was a dead elf. In with its decaying body was a magical shield. The thief/magic user elf Valin granted my paladin the use of the shield until it could be returned to the elf's family. We gave the elf a proper funeral and moved on.
We arrived at the Keep and presented our pass shield that Harold the hedge mage had given us. We were directly ushered to the man in charge who was quite helpful. We were given 1000 gp voucher with which to purchase supplies and given the services of a cleric that would go along on our adventure with us. The party graciously allowed me to purchase Full Plate with the money. The rest we spent on healing potions.

We then descended into the caves of chaos. We met some pretty tough resistance - mostly goblins and orcs, but in large numbers. Eventually we came upon an area that prisoners were being tortured in. We killed their jailers and freed them. It seems that they had been captured from caravans traveling in the area. I healed the man that looked most grievously wounded. In thanks, his wife gave me a gem encrusted dagger.

We returned to the keep with the people we rescued.

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