Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gaming Notes #1

We are playing the Corruption of Ikaya adventure for the Lone Wolf Multiplayer RPG. Today, we created characters and started the adventure.
Character creation was very simple - it took about five minutes to make a character. In the end, the party looked like this:

Dave - Ice Barbarian of Kalte
Sam - Brotherhood of the Crystal Star
Young Bryan - Magician of Dessi
Old Brian - Kai Lord
Letitia - Dwarven Gunner of Bor

The party started off on their journey. They were summoned to a small fishing village of  to meet an agent of the Brotherhood of the Crystal Star. Along the way the Kai Lord sensed an ambush ahead! The party quickly dispatched the five Giaks who had attempted to take them by surprise. They found a scroll written in the Dark Tongue but could not read it.

They continued on their way and arrived at the fishing village. They first check the Temple of Ishir, finding a helpful priestess named Josephine there. Josephine showed them around town and fed them but their search at the bunk houses and tavern were fruitless. The party, short on cash, decided to sleep in the wilderless - a poor rest that resulted in lost Endurance points.

Upon awakening, the party ate breakfast and went to the most powerful merchant house in town. They were greeted by a rude man at the door who refused them entry unless they could prove themselves. The party showed them the letter that had summoned them to town and they were quickly escorted to see a Brother of the Crystal Star, Stephen Jarn.

Stephen told them about a diplomatic mission lead by a Kai Lord that had gone into the arctic land of Kalte. This expedition had failed to report on time and the backers were worried. The party is to go and locate the Kai Lord and his escorts or find out what happened to them. Stephen generously outfitted the party with the winter gear they will need and 100 Gold Crowns each for additional expenses.

The party then boarded a trade ship headed for the Sommerlund trading town of Lujk in Kalte. As they boarded they were verbally assaulted by a man named Franklin, the head of ship security. The castigated the party for the bad omens they brought on the voyage - bringing a dwarf on board (who is a woman!) and stepping onto the vessel left-foot-first! The Captain calmed Franklin down but the party was off on a bad foot with the crew already.

After a few days at sea, the party encountered a small, abandoned fishing ship with the deck covered in blood. The party searched the ship and found no clues as to what happened. They took everything of value and sent the ship adrift.

The next day, the Kai Lord heard a shrieking sound come from over the railing. Leaning over, he was pulled overboard by a Wave Runner, vicious predator of the sea! With the assistance of the Ice Barbarian the Kai Lord escaped certain death.

Later, the party saw a dwarven trade ship. The ships pulled alongside one another and the Dwarven Gunner of Bor gladly bought the necessary supplies she will need to operate her Dwarven Musket for the mission ahead.

On the morning of the fifth day the crew and the party was started to hear loud explosions coming from below deck! Two of the new crew members were secretly saboteurs and they had set off explosive charges, breaching the hull of the ship three times below the water line! The mad saboteurs swore loyalty to the Darklords and tried to prevent the party from entering the cargo hold to fix the breeches! The party quickly defeated the two madmen and started frantically fixing the holes in the hull. Frigid arctic water quickly filled the cabin as the heroes struggled to work. The ship almost sank completely before the heroes, with the aid of the crew, was able to stop the leaks.
Why have the Darklords taken such an interest in the party's mission? Does the presence of the Darklord's interference an ill omen for the fate of the previous diplomatic mission? What will happen next?

To be continued...

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