Sunday, June 10, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG - Wolverine Deck Analysis

The Wolverine Intro Deck
The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has a series of one-player introductory decks that are themed around a single character. The third deck I'll analyze is Wolverine's.

First the package comes with the rules, a cardboard Marvel coin, a standard booster pack, and the 30 card Wolverine deck.

I feel like this deck is a great value - 40 total cards for $10 means each card is only 25 cents. 

The Wolverine deck has the following 30 cards (I place an * next to the cards that are not actually Wolverine cards):
1x The Best at What I Do
2x Quickslash
1x Look What I Found!*
1x Psionic Avalanche*
2x Mutant Healing Ability
2x A Cut Above
2x Personal Theme Song*
2x Pour it On*
2x Savage Leap
3x Fast Healing
3x Shikkity Snikt
2x I'll Take That*
3x 52-Card Pickup*
2x Tornado Blitz*
1x Phase and Rescue* 
1x Sudden Amnesia*

Card Levels (the power cost to play the card):
level 1 - 7 cards
level 2 - 0 cards
level 3 - 8 cards
level 4 - 8 cards
level 5 - 2 cards
level 6 - 1 cards
level 7 - 3 cards
level 8 - 1 card
I can't say I love the card level distribution in this deck. Sure, it has seven level one cards but it doesn't have any level two cards and three of the eight level three cards allow you to play a red card as a bonus... but the only level one cards of three or less value are level one so you probably already played them if you had them. 

Card Factors
Red (Animal) - 10 cards
Green (Strength) - 2 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 3 cards
Purple (Energy) - 9 cards
Gray (Tech) - 1 cards
Orange (Speed) - 5 cards
This deck is kind of a mess. Twelve cards have activated abilities based on the color of other cards in the deck. All of the card abilities are for red or orange except "Pour It On" which is for purple or gray. So why aren't there more orange cards in this deck? 

Red (Animal) - 4 cards
Green (Strength) - 8 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 4 cards
Purple (Energy) - 2 cards
Gray (Tech) - 7 cards
Orange (Speed) - 5 cards
Vulnerable to purple, this deck is doubly weak because the ability to play multiple attacks per turn weakens the number of cards you have in your hand for defense.

This deck isn't well constructed in my opinion. It's a Wolverine deck with only 13 Wolverine cards in it. The card selection to appears to have been almost at random - I can't say the cards synergize in a meaningful way. The deck lacks a potent offense and the card's abilities are reduce your hand size which erodes your defenses. Although it has some good cards in it, this is probably the worst of the starter decks.

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