Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG - Hulk Intro Deck Analysis

The Hulk Intro Deck

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has a series of one-player introductory decks that are themed around a single character. The fourth and final deck I will analyze is the Hulk's.

First the package comes with the rules, a cardboard Marvel coin, a standard booster pack, and the 30 card Hulk deck.

I feel like this deck is a great value - 40 total cards for $10 means each card is only 25 cents. 

The Hulk deck has the following 30 cards (I place an * next to the cards that are not actually Hulk related cards):
1x Strongest One There Is
1x True Power*
1x Have at Thee, Villain!
2x Double Slam Sandwich
2x Thunder Clap
2x Surprise Witness
2x It's Not Easy Being Green...
3x Steal Your Thunder*
2x Thunderous Impact*
2x Just Desserts
2x Hulk Get Angry!
2x Green Goliath
3x Stronger than I Thought...*
1x Invisible Squeeze*

Card Levels (the power cost to play the card):
level 1 - 4 cards
level 2 - 8 cards
level 3 - 5 cards
level 4 - 3 cards
level 5 - 4 cards
level 6 - 3 cards
level 7 - 2 cards
level 8 - 1 card
Shorting the number of level one cards means you have a greater chance of passing on the first turn. This isn't a terrible thing as it gives you a chance to build up your hand size and the deck makes up for it with plenty of level two cards. 

Card Factors
Red (Animal) - 6 cards
Green (Strength) - 16 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 2 cards
Purple (Energy) - 1 cards
Gray (Tech) - 2 cards
Orange (Speed) - 3 cards
This is the most color-focused of all the decks. Over half the deck is green and much of the other colors are used to support the green cards. This is a fantastic deck strategy as most of your opponents will only have between four to eight green blocks.

Red (Animal) -  5 cards
Green (Strength) - 6 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 4 cards
Purple (Energy) - 5 cards
Gray (Tech) - 6 cards
Orange (Speed) - 4 cards
The blocking factor distribution is very well balanced. 

Overall, this is one of the best starter decks. It's simple and effective. I'm not sure why Thunder Clap was included this deck because it is quite likely that it will destroy some of your own keepers. The final analysis on this deck is that it should be a highly effective offensive machine with a strong defense as well.

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