Thursday, June 7, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG - Spider-Man Intro Pack Analysis

The Spider-Man themed one-player intro deck
The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has a series of one-player introductory decks that are themed around a single character. The first I'll analyze is the Spider-Man deck.

First the package comes with the rules, a cardboard Marvel coin, a standard booster pack, and the 30 card Spider-Man deck.

I feel like this deck is a great value - 40 total cards for $10 means each card is only 25 cents. 

The Spider-Man deck has the following 30 cards (I place an * next to the cards that are not actually Spider-Man logo cards):
1x Spectacular Spider-Man
2x Spider Sense
1x Moonlite Guardian*
1x Enjoy Your Trip
2x Smell Ya Later!
2x Strength of the Spiders
2x Itsy-Bitsy Teeny-Weeny*
2x Hanging Around
2x One-Two Punch
3x Saber Rattling
3x Yoink!
2x World Wide Web
2x Gotcha!
2x Spider-Strikes
2x Web-Slinger
1x Spider-Swing

Card Levels (the power cost to play the card):
level 1 - 18 cards
level 2 - 2 cards
level 3 - 5 cards
level 4 - 2 cards
level 5 - 1 cards
level 6 - 1 cards
level 7 - 0 cards
level 8 - 1 card
Obviously, this deck is quick. You're guaranteed a card to play on your first turn. Quite a few card mechanics rely upon another card being of a low level. I'm not sure why the levels 4, 5, 6, and 8 cards are in the deck. They actually weak the deck more than they strengthen it.

Card Factors
Red (Animal) - 5 cards
Green (Strength) - 3 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 3 cards
Purple (Energy) - 0 cards
Gray (Tech) - 8 cards
Orange (Speed) - 11 cards
This deck obviously relies heavily on orange but it's actually the gray and red cards that have the core game mechanic on them - the ability to play multiple cards in a turn. 

Red (Animal) - 7 cards
Green (Strength) -7 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 2 cards
Purple (Energy) - 5 cards
Gray (Tech) - 6 cards
Orange (Speed) - 3 cards
I'm a bit concerned by the lack of blue and orange blocks. This is definitely a deck with a weak spot. However, if your opponent plays into your strength (red and green), you'll be golden.

This introductory deck using a different strategy than the others - play small cards that work together to do large damage. This strategy is hard to stop because it hardly seems worth it to block a level one card. I'm sorely tempted to buy this deck again and to combine the two decks into a really awesome level one deck.

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