Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO - Zones Restored!

The Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO was conquered by Loki right around the time the Avengers movie was released. Today all zones were restored to there original condition.
This is where a Loki mission used to be.
What's odd is that no explanation is given. When the zones "fell" Nick Fury explained why the changes were made in presenting a short story. Now that things are restored no storyline reason is provided.

I can't say it is an improvement. I wish they had allowed both versions of the different zones to be playable. Why take the "fallen" zones away? They were fun to be in - they had a great mood about them! The existence of both versions of the zones could be explained by some alternate reality created with Loki's Cosmic Cube.

The real loss is the two special missions (one that let you earn Cosmic Cube decorations). One of the two missions is now available for purchase but it's a shame they didn't replace the missions with something else. Where the special portals for the missions once stood in the zones it is now totally blank.

I guess it was inevitable that the zones were restored. I only wish that, instead of fully restoring the original versions, they had allowed small traces behind to remind you that it happened. Instead, where a spaceship once hung out of a building, you now see no evidence that it ever was there.

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