Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Bonus in Every Booster - Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG

That's a big "Double Thumb's Up!"
Wait! Stop!

Don't throw that the wrapper to the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG booster pack! Why? Because printed on the inside of the wrapper is a game code that you can redeem for the online MMO for the Marvel Super Hero Squad.

Ten cards from the Rise of Heroes online booster pack... sweet!
What do you get with these codes? Why, an entire pack of digital cards for the online game, that's what!

Each real-world booster costs $3.99 for ten cards - that's forty cents a card. But when you consider you double your value by getting cards online as well that's not so bad.

A Rise of Heroes booster pack online costs 400 silver (in-game currency). You can buy 200 silver for 20 gold (in-game currency) so a Rise of Heroes booster pack is worth the equivalent of 40 gold. Since you can buy 500 gold for $4.95 real US dollars, 40 gold is roughly equivalent to 40 cents. So a digital Rise of Heroes bonus booster pack is like getting an additional 40 cent value with each real-world booster pack. Pretty good!

And, hey, if you like the real-world card game why wouldn't you like the online version? They're nearly identical!

Thanks, Upper Deck, for giving the fans a bonus in every booster!

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