Friday, June 29, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad MMO - Future Foundation Spider-Man Unlocked!

I must say... as far as video games go, unlocking the Future Foundation Spider-Man was one of the more challenging endeavors I have succeeded in. Not as hard as beating the original Super Mario Bros. but still pretty hard!

To unlock him, a player has to complete 40 in-game challenges. Some of them are simple like going to a particular location but others are very complex and can take months in real-time. This summer I'll post my advice on various missions to help those following in my footprints.

Bittersweet victory... no more challenges?
One odd thing that bugs me - it's impossible to unlock all of the heroes. Even though I completed all of the challenges Mohawk Storm remains out of my grasp. This is because you're given free choice of six heroes but you're only given five opportunities to choose. This is frustrating to a completionist like myself. Please, MSHS MMO - figure out some way to let people earn or purchase the last unlockable hero!

Mohawk Storm is still locked!
My crowning achievement!


  1. the new set of challenges is coming soon, with new sets of challenge heroes. I'm not sure if we will able to get the last hero on the first set of challenges though, i really hope we do!

    1. Hey, that's great news! I'd be okay with it if they said, "For five bucks you can buy your last hero." You nailed it - I'm a completionist and it does bug me when I can't "get them all."