Thursday, June 21, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG #4

As my son and I continued to play the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG, I thought one interesting match up would be the Iron Man starter deck versus the Avengers starter deck because the Avengers starter deck relies so heavily upon Iron Man.

I played as the Avengers, my son played as Iron Man. I thought this would be a slam duck for my son considering that the Iron Man deck has tons of gray cards but the Avengers deck only has three gray blocks.

Well, somehow I managed to win. I kept his keepers off the table and rolled with the punches otherwise. Thunderous Impact and Huge Breakthrough sealed the deal for me. Victory for the Avengers!

So, once again, my son and I have a tied record. When he turns six I think I'll never get another chance to win a game again.
Thor_-_Thunderous_Impact.png        Giant-Man_-_Huge_Breakthrough.png

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