Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG #2

My savior card!
Vowing revenge for my earlier losses, my son and I decided to rematch with two more 30 card intro decks. What's better than to recreate the battle between the Hulk and Wolverine from the awesome Hulk VS Wolverine DVD?

The first game I played the Wolverine deck and my son played the Hulk deck. It was looking like another easy victory for him at first. Once again he jumped out to a huge early lead. Then the power level was raised so I could play Savage Leap. I learned how powerful this card is. The ability to bypass the hand and go directly to the deck means the attack is much more likely to succeed. Well, I played two of these and then the finishing move was The Best at What I Do. Wolverine (and I) finally win!

The power boost on a card like this
is absolutely enormous.
The second game we played the same decks but I played the Hulk. I thought the Hulk deck was actually the better deck so I was surprised by my victory. This time, the battle was pretty well balanced the entire time. We traded blows and blocks alike. What put me over the top was that I was holding the card Stronger Than I Thought... until the power hit 7. Once it did, I unleashed these things, doing massive damage and winning the game. The green onslaught of this deck is simply tough to fight against.

So our record stands even - my son has won two games and so have I.

You just know there's going to be plenty of more games to report on...

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