Sunday, June 17, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG Booster Pack Contents

I recently purchased 11 booster packs to the "Foundation" Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG. So what did I get for my $44? Let's check out the cards and find out.

I didn't get any cards with a scratch off code for online bonuses... drat!

One in eight booster packs is suppose to have a Super Rare in it instead of a regular rare. I must be pretty lucky because I got three super rares.
All three of these are fantastic cards... Strange Teleportation may be my favorite.
Of the eight rares I got, Eternal Sorcery is by far the best. It is an level 11 attack for 11 damage that allows you to play another card and recycles into your deck. That's pretty sweet. Risk It All is great for level 1 Spider-Man decks. Crash Course is a very versatile card. But I got two copies of both Strength Training and The Harder They Fall, both of which I feel has limited value. There may be a deck that you could use Flailing Wildly in but I'm not sure it's worth the effort.
Eternal Sorcery can make the difference in any game.

I got a bunch of great uncommons, but I'll only give you my favorite one from each color. The best uncommon I got overall is the red Sneak and Peek Black Widow card that allows you to look at the top card of your opponent's deck each turn. Sweet! The gray card Look What I Found! Allows you to play a card from your discard pile - always a good thing! Dive Bomb, the orange card, allows you to play a bonus card from your deck. Seeing with New Eyes is a great purple card that has a variable attack value. The blue Crowd Surfing is another fantastic card that can paralyze your opponent for a turn. And finally, the green card Review the Troops allows you to draw and card and have foreknowledge of the top card of your deck. Not too shabby!
Just like the Avengers movie, Black Widow steals the show.
Commons are the meat and potatoes of most decks. Still, some stand above their brethren. Yoink is a great gray card for a level one Spider-Man deck. The orange card Flipping Out can be fantastic with certain Elektra/Daredevil combos. Not only is Overpower a great green card the name is also ironic since Overpower is the name of a previous failed Marvel card game. I got two copies of the red The Man Without Fear, another great Elektra/Daredevil combo card. I love the purple common, Sudden Amnesia, because it forces your opponent to either block if from their hand or discard a card anyway. Magnetic Personality, a blue card, is another great card for level one Spider-Man decks.
With 66 commons did I get four of any one card? Nope. The most I got was three of the level one blue card, Sting of the Wasp.
Common doesn't mean worthless.
Of the 110 cards I got here's how they break down by level and by color.

Blue - 18
Gray - 14
Orange - 16
Green - 11
Red - 25
Purple - 22
Multicolor - 4

Pretty even distribution... I'm sure it would even out over a large number of packs. Multicolor appears to be synonymous with "rare."

Level 1  - 27 cards
Level 2  - 12 cards
Level 3  - 22 cards
Level 4  - 15 cards
Level 5  -   9 cards
Level 6  - 12 cards
Level 7  -   9 cards
Level 8  -   0 cards
Level 9  -   1 card
Level 10 -  1 card
Level 11 -  2 cards

Obviously, values higher than 7 are almost exclusively reserved for rare or super rare cards.

All in all, I'm satisfied with the cards I received. I do think that it would take quite a large number of purchases to get four of any given rare which is unfortunate.

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