Monday, June 18, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG #1

The killing card -
"WE WIN!" on the wall is just for the sake of irony.
I'll admit it - the first two times I played the Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG I was beaten by my five year old son. And I wasn't holding back at all either. There he is, SHOWING ME HIS HAND because he simply doesn't know any better and I couldn't beat him.

Here's the details.

We were playing with the two 30 card decks that come with the Two-Player Intro Pack (we didn't add any to make them legal 40 card decks). The theme is Avengers VS X-Men. I played the X-Men, my son played the Avengers.

The first game, I started out holding my own. I even got a few good hits in. Then, my son just simply started wailing away at me with big attacks once the power got to 4 or 5. He wore down my defenses by causing me to use up my hand to block his attacks. The killing blows came with the Captain America cards, Stars and Stripes. He played two of them and I just simply didn't have the blocks to stop him.

Follow this with Huge Breakthrough
and perhaps your father will weep openly as well.
The second time we played, I was determined to take him down. How embarrassing to lose to a five year old, right? Well, my son came blazing out of the gate, perhaps inspired by his earlier victory. He took a commanding lead early with cards like Colossal Assistance. I tried to claw my way back into the game and I did a pretty good job. Actually, this game came down to one card - that's how many my son had left when he beat me. It was close, but a loss is a loss.

I'd be upset if I wasn't so busy being proud. I can't wait to play more MSHS TCG. I'm sure I'll win one eventually.

As for the decks themselves, I think it's fair to say that the Avengers deck is superior to the X-Men deck.

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