Friday, June 8, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad TCG - Iron Man Intro Deck Analysis

The Iron Man Intro Deck
The Marvel Super Hero Squad Trading Card Game has a series of one-player introductory decks that are themed around a single character. The second deck I'll analyze is Iron Man's.

First the package comes with the rules, a cardboard Marvel coin, a standard booster pack, and the 30 card Iron Man deck.

I feel like this deck is a great value - 40 total cards for $10 means each card is only 25 cents. 

The Iron Man deck has the following 30 cards (I place an * next to the cards that are not actually Iron Man related cards):
1x Incoming!
2x Shoulder Cannons
1x Stealth Mode
1x Pick Up a Friend*
2x Heavy Weapons
2x Juiced Up
2x Teddy Blaster*
2x Hulk Practice
2x Combined Arms Fire
3x Cold Fusion
3x Playing with Fire
2x Repulsor Rays
2x Jab of Justice*
2x Fierce Competitor*
2x Animal Instinct*
1x Hurl the Shield*

Card Levels (the power cost to play the card):
level 1 - 5 cards
level 2 - 7 cards
level 3 - 5 cards
level 4 - 5 cards
level 5 - 2 cards
level 6 - 2 cards
level 7 - 3 cards
level 8 - 1 card
This deck uses a classic distribution of card levels. 

Card Factors
Red (Animal) - 4 cards
Green (Strength) - 3 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 6 cards
Purple (Energy) - 2 cards
Gray (Tech) - 14 cards
Orange (Speed) - 1 cards
The gray cards are obviously the workhorses of this deck. I'm disappointed by the inclusion of most of the other factor cards. Having only one orange, it is very likely going to be blocked. The red, green, and three of the blue cards just seem to be stuck in there as blocks - they don't even seem to go along with the theme of the deck.  

Red (Animal) - 5 cards
Green (Strength) - 8 cards
Blue (Elemental) - 4 cards
Purple (Energy) - 7 cards
Gray (Tech) - 3 cards
Orange (Speed) - 3 cards
The blocking factor distribution is a bit uneven which does give this deck a few areas of slight weakness. 

The way to play this deck is to get the Juiced Up and Cold Fusion keepers into play early and then just grind the gray cards. I'm disappointed by the number of non-Iron Man cards include in this theme deck, especially since most of them don't support the gray grind keeper engine that drives this deck. Like with the Spider-Man introductory deck I want to buy multiple Iron Man decks so I can combine the and make one really good deck.

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