Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Gaming Notes: Marvel Super Hero Sqaud TCG #3

I promise I won't report on EVERY card game I play but I'm still giving each of the introductory decks a test run and I wanted to let you know how they fared for me.

The record between my five year old son and I stands at .500 a piece. For our next encounter, we decided to test the Iron Man intro deck against the Spider-Man intro deck. I played Iron Man and my son played Spidey.

I thought I would have an easy win to be honest. After all, the Spidey deck is almost all level one cards for very little damage. But my son managed to figure out some brutal combos and left me in the dust. One such combo was One-Two Punch, Yoink, and then Web Slinger.

Spider-man_-_One_Two_Punch.png  Spider_Man_-_Yoink.png  Spider-man_-_Web_Slinger.png 
He really took advantage of the keepers he was able to get down as well.

Also in my son's favor was the fact that the power was at three FOREVER. So my son was playing card after card but I could play almost nothing at all. By the time the power started moving, I was already hopelessly behind.

Game over - my son beat me again! As if it wasn't bad enough the first two times this time it was with a wimpy level one deck!

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