Sunday, June 3, 2012

Marvel Super Hero Squad CCG - Comparing the Online and Real-World Versions

The Marvel Super Hero Squad Collectible Card Game has existed as a free online game for awhile now. Upper Deck recently released an actual real-world version of the game. Were any changes made to the cards in the translation?

After a quick examination, I could see no differences in the texts of the cards. So identical cards have the exact same in-game function in both versions.
The online version
The Real-World Paper Version
I did, however, notice two things that differ on cards.

Difference #1 - Minor changes to the identification information on the bottom of the cards. The online version says "Rise of Heroes" while the paper version says, "Foundation (like all of the cards from the core set) and has some legal copyright information on it. Also, the paper version has the Upper Deck hologram in the lower right hand corner to verify authenticity.

Difference #2 - Rarity. In the online version, this card is three stars - a rare. In the paper version this card is two stars - an uncommon. Interesting.

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