Monday, August 1, 2011

Rolemaster - Gaming Notes #2

I'm no big fan of Forgotten Realms novels but back in high school I did read Spellfire. That was a fabulous book! This was the cover:

Now, if you take out the fighter, the wizard, and the rogue, that's how our last Rolemaster gaming session went. Yeah, that bad. AND that good! I would probably say it was our best Rolemaster game to date as a group.

It started out with us returning John's Paladin, Marco, back to the town in a coma (spellcasting gone wrong). John took over an NPC cleric that was with us. As it turns out, this probably saved all of our lives.

After a midnight encounter with a family of Forest Trolls (who all die with Mr. Grimes's arrows in their heads), Mr. Grimes (my character) apparently attracts a black unicorn as a companion (AWESOME!). Black unicorns are very fickle creatures - don't anger them. Trust me on this. My dead horse, Footloose, is all the evidence you'll ever need.


Returning to the site of the excavations, the head archaeologist was all alone - no assistants around. He offered to take us underground to them, only to unleash the FIFTY FIVE skeletons in his control upon our little party of two adventurers. What do we do? RUN!!! That is, run until we get to the giant, undead, skeletal dragon at the end of the passage. Caught between two forces that we have no hope against, I find religion in a big way real fast.

The dragon disintegrates the skeletons (turns out he wasn't a big fan of the archaeologist's) and plucks me up like a feeble hamster. It looked like 'ol Grimes was going down for a dirt nap when Gibson (the NPC/PC Cleric) says, "I turn the undead dragon!" Of course, the DM, Sam, laughs in his face and says, "You'd have to open end and I'd have to botch!" So what happens? The cleric open ends and, in a visible-by-all die roll, the DM botches. POOF! Instant dead-again undead dragon! SWEET! The party is rich AND we got a boatload of experience!

Best-Rollmaster-EVER! Marco, I hope you stay in your coma for a long, long time!

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