Saturday, August 13, 2011

Marvel Super Heroes D100 - Gaming Notes #1

My Marvel Super Heroes D100 campaign just started the other night. We have seven players in all playing characters from the X-Men and X-Force teams from 1986 - Colossus, Wolverine, Storm, Longshot, Cyclops, Beast, and Marvel Girl. We're following Marvel continuity up to right before the Mutant Massacre. In the comics, Longshot doesn't join the X-Men until later, but because he joins, the Mutant Massacre goes much, much worse than it did in the comics. Basically, X-Factor, X-Men, and New Mutants are all severely injured/missing/killed except for the seven PCs and Psyloche.

Our adventure starts off after Thor scorches the tunnels clean - sealing the tunnel behind our heroes. X-Factor and X-Men characters bark at each other for awhile until Storm and Cyclops settle a temporary peace of sorts. The characters proceed down the tunnel until they run into some crocodiles! One of the dead Morlocks, Pied Piper, had controlled them but now they are scared and angry! The PCs quickly dispatch the crocs (learning how to play the system as they go - many players are new to MSH) and continue on their way.

Arriving at the X-Mansion somed hours later, the characters rest and relax, trying to heal up.

Wolverine goes to Cerebro but finds that it has been destroyed! He smells Sabretooth! In a rage, he hits the alarm, pops his claws, and leaps out the window following Sabretooth's scent! The X-Men leap to action, but not in time to help Wolverine as he struggles in one-on-one combat with Sabretooth! Defeated and wounded, Sabretooth leaps from the cliff into the ocean but not before delivering a message, "Mr. Sinister sends his regards!"

Sabretooth leaps over the cliff to escape Wolverine.
The X-Men catch up to Wolverine but cannot find Sabretooth. Wolverine passes along the cryptic message. Noone has ever heard of "Mr. Sinister." Databases reveal nothing and Cerebro is beyond repair. Magneto calls from Muir Island where the mutants severely injured in the Mutant Massacre are being cared for. He wants the X-Men in the field pronto to look for their missing comrades and to find the Marauders responsible for the slaughter.

Suddenly, a massive psychic cry for help hits Cyclops and Marvel Girl - it's coming from Alaska where Madelyn Pryor, Cyclop's estranged wife and child, live! "They're after Nathan!" the urgent message says. The X-Men rush to the Blackbird and are in Alaska within the hour.

Cyclop's house is an inferno and much of the woods have been leveled. Clearly a massive fight took place here! Colossus lands the plane a 1/4 of a mile away while Marvel Girl carries her teammates to the ground. They quickly find Madelyn Pryor on death's door. She weakly speaks telepathicly, "She took our son, Scott! A blonde woman dressed in white took our son! You must save him!" The X-Men are about to leap into action when they hear thundering footsteps coming out of the burning house. Madelyn warns, "Beware the Juggernaut!" and lapses into a coma...

To be continued...!!!

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