Friday, August 19, 2011

You Could Have Joined Shield! (For Real!)

Okay, maybe not for REAL, but a close as you're ever gonna come, sucker!

Marvel and Acura had combined forces to create a super cool website that was part game, part commercial, part movie promotion, and part contest. It was everything Web 2.0 should be: An interactive integration of medias and purposes, woven together to form a very dynamic experience.

Essentially, the concept was this: You're joining shield and there are a series of missions you go on. The website design is such that it appears to be a high tech spy set-up. At one point it asks you for fingerprint verification (holding down a key). There are videos, documents, audio, and more for each mission. Each mission is a game that rewards you with advancement in Shield rank, unlocking content, and a chance to win prizes such a movie tickets or a car. Along the way, you're given info about the Thor movie and Acura (the sponsor). Everything is presented 100% in the world of Thor and the other Avenger films which is very cool.

All in all, it was pretty darn slick. UNFORTUNATELY, it seems that they've pulled down the site. If you go to now you are redirected to the Acura homepage. LAME! I suppose with Thor long out of the theaters they felt the website didn't have a purpose any more... that's a shame because it was very fun and very well done! Thanks to jeffrywith1e for the link correction. I hope you got a chance to check out this cool website before it was pulled down... by Hydra, of course.

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  1. check the link, it's coming up as an Acura car ad for me.