Monday, August 15, 2011

Moto Grand Prix - Gaming Notes

At a recent gathering, I was able to play Moto Grand Prix, the motorcycle racing game. This game is really well designed and a lot of fun. Gameplay is smooth and does an amazing job of actually simulating real motorcycle racing. I've played it before, but this was no normal game.

Typically this game can play up to six players but we played with ten thans to Sam's homebrewing some extra bikes and instrumentation panels. Kevin, Spencer, Chris, John, Sam, Jay, Miguel, Stacy, Joe, and I all picked our bikes and set off. The game started out slowly simply because most folks hadn't yet played and nobody was "drafting" yet. But about halfway through the first lap, engines were revving and the action got tight and we all struggled to gain the slightest advantage in such a crowded field.

Multiple times one or more bikes would break away from the pack only to be passed. I, myself, found myself in a situation where I was unable to modify the dice and I rolled a "3." For the next lap and a half I vainly burned my engines trying to catch up but never did. I joined the other five racers who blew their engines and were out of the race. That's right - only four bikes finished this race! The winner was Kevin, followed by Joe, Miguel, and Spencer.

Everyone really got into it, especialy when a bike's engine blew or when there was a lead change. Although not designed to be played with ten people, Moto Grand Prix proved itself capable of handling that many players. The quickness of the game kept everyone involved. Perhaps we'll get together again soon for another game of Moto Grand Prix or another similar game capable of handling a large number of players like Wings of War.

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