Monday, August 29, 2011

Rolemaster - Gaming Notes #3

So John and I (actually, just John's priestly character, not me) killed the huge, undead dragon. Only problem? It seems that thing was acting like a cork holding back all sorts of baddies. Guess we uncorked the undead volcano!

As we were looting the Dragon's treasure, we were spied upon by an undead floating head. We killed it, but it was quickly replaced by another... seems there are other undead forces at work here! We found a black, crystal heart among the treasure. When John's character touched it, it tried to suck out his soul. That's bad!

After a routine run-in with two skeletons went badly we retreated topside to lick our wounds. We quickly ran into more skeletons - this time covered in iron! Not good! We beat the two of them only to have TEN MORE come pouring out of the underground lair. Yikes! We were dealing with them on an attack-retreat basis when three giant skeletons showed up in addition to a flock of undead vultures and more floating heads. Realizing we were outgunned, we retreated all the way back to the town. Along the way, a lich attacked us wanting "his heart." As per the theme of the evening, we ran.

Once back at town, we discussed our options - Perhaps we could take this evil heart to a major city and have the priests there destroy it.

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