Thursday, August 4, 2011

Marvel RPGs #4 - D100 Cardboard Heroes

Most of the time, I an opposed to miniatures and being "on the grid" in RPGs. I think it slows down combat and makes it more unrealistic.

I think if you've GOT to use minis, why not use the cheapest ones possible? Why spend hundreds of dollars on paints and minis and waste all that time and effort? But that's just my preference.

The Classic Marvel RPG is "on the grid" and to play fully by the rules you must use minis. But it is very flexible and I actually like it! Instead of "five foot squares" the map is broken into "areas." Depending on the surroundings, areas can be large or smallIn a crowded building with hallways, doors, rooms, etc. areas will be quite small (ten feet or so). . In an open field, areas will be quite large (as big as 44 yards). This adds a great deal of flexibility to movement - you're simply moving through and to areas. Want to stop behind the corner of the building? No problem if it is in the area you are moving to.

But the best part are the miniatures.

 Every set came with tons of cardboard miniatures. These miniatures were three sided. Cut them out, fold each miniature, and glue them. Done! Instant miniatures!

What's really cool about these miniatures is they have a "front" and the three sides are the three different perspectives of the same character - rear, profile left, and profile front right. Instead of having a "facing forward" stance on all three sides, this was a very nice touch. You can see they had fun with it - the Invisible Woman is actually invisible in one angle and Mr. Fantastic is stretched across all three angles.

These miniatures were an extra added bonus with almost all of the boxed sets. I believe at this point I have all of them and there are literally hundreds - even very obscure characters. They also gave you miniatures of bystanders, common thugs, Hydra agents, generic shield agents, cops, crowds, scenery, etc. etc. etc.

Not having to spend any extra money to populate my game with dozens of cool miniatures? What a brilliant idea. Another great reason why the classic D100 Marvel system was so brilliant.

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