Friday, August 26, 2011

1,400 Things Mr. Welch Is Banned From Doing During an RPG

This post is thanks to my friend, Sam.

Do you roleplay? If so, you'll find this very, very long list of ONE THOUSAND FOUR HUNDRED things that Mr. Welch is no longer allowed to do during any roleplaying game very funny. I think anyone who has been roleplaying for awhile has run into players who have tried to do some of this stuff (or tried to do it yourself). Some of this is rules-bending, some of it is world-breaking, and some of it is just plain ridiculous. Ain't roleplaying a blast?

Here are a couple of highlights:
14. Ogres are not kosher.
86. Not allowed to make a superhero with a 99% chance of dodging even after the -10 penalty for a successful called shot.
92. The name of the weapon shop is not "Bloodbath and Beyond"
321. The monk's official title is Brother of the Lotus Path. Not the Slap Happy Jappy.
410. If the NPC is on the cover of the rulebook, I can't kill him.
534. When I level up, I just can't copy the guy next to me's choices.
632. When asked to tutor someone on his defense trait, can't keep punching him until he get it.

733. Cannot make a plan that hinges on the villain first being allergic to peanuts.
1079. A tattoo gun is not standard equipment in a mapping kit.

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