Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Eclipse Phase - Gaming Notes FINAL

Eclipse Phase is over. Thank God. It's not that it's a BAD game. It was just very difficult for me to get into the world and to a degree the story being told in that world.

When last we left off, we were about ready to go through a space portal to assault a Ozma base on another planet. We "forked" ourselves into other bodies (Fury morphs) for the assault. We went through the portal - no problem. We dropped ourselves off on the planet surface and the original copies of us left for deep space on a decoy mission.

Meanwhile, the super-combat "fury" copies of us met an android that guided us as we hoofed it TWO WEEKS back to the portal. Why? I was confused as well, especially since the portal wasn't guarded at all. Why not just directly through the portal when we came through?

The android produced some weird mold stuff, affixed it to the portal so it would operate in some special way, and sent us through the portal to our final destination (giving us some more portal-mold so we could get back). On the other side of the portal, we were met with a Firewall agent with a laser rifle that could fire 10km. It made me wonder if they could get an agent this close to the base why they needed us at all. He guided us for another few days until we reached the base we were to assault - out in the open. No way to sneak up!

We lied our way inside and proceeded to plant explosives all around the place and kill everyone. Resistance was oddly weak. We retrieved the alien artifact but decided to blow it up after all. Alien tech is bad news, after all.

Mission accomplished, we walked away from the smoldering crater we had created only to be picked off one at a time by the Firewall guy with a huge rifle. Now that's gratitude!

Ultimately, this game misses the mark for me. The rules are not well laid out in the book and can be quite cumbersome. The worse is downloading into a new body! You literally have to remake your character all over again which takes about 45 minutes. You can have multiple copies of yourself running around so you can have several character sheets as well.

Glad I played, but I'm not looking forward to playing again. Goodbye, Eclipse Phase!

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