Saturday, July 23, 2011

Rolemaster - Gaming Notes #1

Well, last time we played Rolemaster it continued just as it has been: horribly for the player characters.

 It was just John and I playing with Sam running the game. John and I decided to do the "right thing" and investigate the death of the baron's daughter. We ended up backtracking some suspicious people we ran into on the road through a sewer pipe. We should have known there to stop. Despite weeks on in game investigation, we ended up with nothing but a dead prince on our hands. The prince from the next city, that is. Now the other city is really angry with the Baron's city. Looks like war is a-brewin'! We, of course, split.

And what could be more innocent then checking out a old crypt where we happen to know a archaeologist is working? Of course, we run into skeletons in the crypt. You know, like, zero level creatures? Well, in one round they totally owned us. John's spell backfired drastically - Sorry John! It's a coma for 1d10 WEEKS and loss of spellcasting ability for 10d10 WEEKS for you! As for me, I had to spend a fate point to avoid having my BOWMAN'S HAND from being cut off!!! Holy crow! We dragged our sorry carcasses topside only to be jumped by skeletons in our sleep! We climbed the walls of the ruins and shot them down with arrows.

So, like I said, it continues to go normally.

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