Saturday, July 30, 2011

Eclipse Phase - Gaming Notes

Continuing my adventures in the ultra high-tech RPG system, Eclipse Phase.

As I've said, in our attempts to find out how and why we died, we split the party. Half went to Saturn, the other half to Mars.

The Saturn group found out that the shuttle we died on was on a mission for a faction called Firewall. We were on a mission to deliver Alpha Forks (doubles) of ourselves sleeved in Fury morphs (combat bodies). We were basically to go through a gate and destroy some alien base. Another corporation found out and had us killed.

Meanwhile, on Mars, the other corporation was continuing its quest to kill us. And, to some degree, succeeding. Bryan's character was beheaded in an ambush. We resleeved him quickly and went to ground in a safehouse. We waited until the Saturn folks got to Mars before proceeding to our rendevous point.

On the way, we were ambushed by bad guys on the train! We cut our losses and ran. Everyone pilled into the control car and detatched the rest of the train. Unfortunately, this was after one of Dave's Betas got killed.

We arrived safely at the gateway platform. Now we have to upload into our super-combat "Furies" bodies and complete the mission.

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