Friday, July 22, 2011

1LR Midnight Movie Review: Captain America - The First Avenger (Spoilers!)

Captain America
Captain America - The First Avengers is a first rate film. I would call it more of a character based film than a "action movie." There's one chase sequence early on and until the final fight scene other action sequences are done as a part of a montage or showing for just a few seconds. I didn't mind, however, because they really take time to develop the character of Steve Rodgers and build his relationships with the other characters. The fight sequences they do present are very well done - nothing comes off as campy. It's nice to see Cap kick the door down, guns a-blazing, mowing down Hydra agents!

Chris Evans does a great job as both Captain America AND Steve Rodgers. It's funny because even though Cap transforms physically, mentally he remains the same person - he's just now able to act on the impulses he was physically unable to before. So even though Cap is big, strong, and buff you still see he's socially awkward and geeky. No inspirational Cap speeches in this film (a bit of a disappointment for me personally) but it would have seemed out of place with the direction they went with the character.

Like Thor, I particularly enjoyed how funny this movie was. Tommy Lee Jones delivers many great lines in a deadpan voice that strikes just the right chord for humor.

I went to this film with my friend Sam who isn't a comic book fan at all and even he enjoyed it. The theater was very full for a midnight show (not Harry Potter full, but still a good crowd) and the crowd seemed pleased with the film overall.

1LR REVIEW: 17 out of 20 - It's a Solid Hit (with Cap's shield)!

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